For most of us, a stove-top is either a gas burner or an electric coil. In recent years, however, a number of new styles have been introduced. To make sure your cookware matches your stove top, look for following symbols:

Electrical stove tops

There are two main types of electric stove tops.

The first type uses resistive heating coils, in most cases covered by iron hotplates on top of the stove. Electric stove tops apply heat directly to the cooking vessel. They heat the food very evenly.

Another type is the glass-ceramic cook top:

A glass-ceramic stove uses electrical heating coils or infrared halogen lamps as the heating source. It has a flat surface, which is very easy to clean.

An induction stove top creates heat by magnetically accelerating the metal molecules in the bottom of a cookware utensil. This means that the bottom must be magnetic.  Induction provides rapid and very efficient heating. In the case of induction suitable cookware, it can occur that a small diameter (14 cm) needs to be put off center of the induction hob, in order to function perfectly.  GreenPan™ has various ranges to fit on induction cookers.

Click here for the GreenPan ranges which have a version that is suitable for induction:
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Gas stove tops

A gas stove top is a cooker which uses gas as a fuel source.
You can control heat finely and quickly. When you cook on a gas stove you must be careful that the flame does not go up the walls of the pan, this causes the handle of your pan to overheat.