Pot and frypan handles come in stay-cool bakelite (a kind of plastic), oven-safe stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel with silicone materials. Most importantly, they are ergonomically designed and assure a safe and comfortable grip.


Bakelite is a kind of plastic. This handle will never become hot during cooking, but can only be put in the oven up to certain temperatures (most bakelite is oven safe up to 180°C/356°F).

For cooking on gas, our bakelite handles are provided with a stainless steel flameguard but please be careful that the flames do not reach the bakelite, because this could melt.

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Stainless steel

Our stainless steel handles are constructed to minimize heat transfer. Nevertheless, lids and handles may become hot during prolonged cooking. Use caution when removing lids or lifting with the handles. Touch lightly to be sure the handles have not become hot.

Use oven mitts or potholders if necessary. Stainless steel handles are oven safe.

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To provide an ergonomic and soft feeling, stainless steel handles can be made in combination with silicone parts.  The silicone parts will stay cool during cooking, but are only oven safe up to 250°C/482°F.

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